RB1200 C-DLR ZEPHYR AirKnife Stainless Steel Sutorbilt-Legend PD Vacuum/Blower Hydrovane Compressor HV04-HV22
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Joost Industrial, Inc. is a leading stocking distributor of vacuum pumps, blowers, airknife equipment, air compressors, filters, and lubricants.  We also design Central Vacuum Systems, Central Compressor Systems, and Airknife Packaging solutions for all types of  industry, specializing in several industries, including medical, pharmaceutical, printing, woodworking, food and beverage, environmental remediation, automation, plastics, and solar.

We also have a state-of-the-art Service and Rebuild Center for all types of vacuum pumps, blowers, and compressors.  Our 24 hour service department is trained and authorized to rebuild and perform warranty work on all of the products we represent, as well as many of our competitors’ products.  We offer rental and loaner pumps to keep our customers running, as well as rebuilt and used pumps for sale.  Our specialization in vacuum and low pressure sets us apart from other greater Denver, CO; Salt Lake City, UT; Phoenix, AZ and other regional machinery service centers.

Our products are MANUFACTURED by industry leaders, including Roots, Gardner Denver, Elmo-Rietschle, Republic Blower Systems, Dekker Vacuum Technologies, Mann + Hummel, Masport, Bauer Compressors, Summit Industrial Products, Orion Vacuum Pumps, Curtis, Schultz, Stoddard, BelAir, and many more.

Some of the TRADE-NAMES that Joost Industrial represents are as follows:  Dresser Roots, Zephyr, Vacfox, Hydrovane, VMax, Mann Filter, Republic Blower, Titan Liquid Ring, Twister, Bora, Druvac, and many more.

At Joost Industrial, we offer our customers the finest products available, quick and reliable service along with extensive product knowledge, and complete application solutions.

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Joost Industrial, Inc. supplies filters from leading companies and for many industries. You can also reach this page directly by linking to:

Rotary Vane
Rotary Claw
Liquid Ring
Rotary Lobe
Rotary Screw

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Mann Filters FILTERS
Air Filters
Oil Filters
Oil Water Separators
Canister Filters
Oil Separators

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Side Channel
Positive Displacement

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Hydrovane Compressor V01-V04 COMPRESSORS
Rotary Claw
Lubricated Vane
Rotary Screw
Dry Vane
Liquid Ring

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TORR Absolute Vacuum Gauges SPECIALS
Absolute Vacuum Gauge Sale.  This well proven vacuum gauge is the same gauge that is sold by Busch and used in the... 
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This website contains information on Elmo Rietschle vacuum pumps, Mann filters, Republic blowers, Sutorbilt blowers, Republic Airknife, Dekker vacuum, Hydrovane compressors, Summit industrial products, Bauer Compressors, We sell products to and service clients in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Kansas, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix with products such as Republic regenerative blowers, VLR, DLR, Zephyr, Vacfox, Druvac, vacuum pumps, Sutorbilt, Duroflow blowers, roots blowers, roots positive displacement blower, regenerative blowers, rotron explosion-proof blowers, gast blowers, gast vacuum pumps, meat packing pumps, Siemens blowers, Nash Elmo, and Elmo blowers. Reitschle, Rietschle vacuum, orion vacuum pumps, printing vacuum pumps, Busch vacuum pumps, Dekker Vacuum pumps, and Dekker vacuum technologies are also included. Look for liquid ring vacuum pumps, vacuum pumps, Nash-Elmo, blowers, Ring blowers, printing filters, Mann Filters, Becker filters, Rietschle filters, Orion filters, Busch filters, Busch 0630 filters, and Busch oil separator filters. Our repairs include Busch vacuum pump repair, Becker vacuum pump repair, Rietschle vacuum pump repair, Rietschle carbon vanes, Becker carbon vanes, Orion carbon vanes, Orion carbon blades, and Busch carbon vanes. We do sell Leybold filters, BeaconMedaes vacuum pumps, Allied health care vacuum pumps, BeaconMedaes Vacuum Claw, Amico Vacuum pumps, EMSE Vacuum pumps, Medical Vacuum pumps, Gardner Denver Vacuum pumps, and Gardner-Denver products. KTA, DTA, VTA, KLT, VLT, VC, VCEH, Durovane, Vmax, Titan, Curtis, KLR, RB1200, RB800, HRB800, HRB1102, and RB500 are part of our products list. Republic Sheet Metal, bottle drying, airknife drying, Centrifugal blowers, centrifugal fans KRX6, CBX40, CBS40, and CBX25 can be ordered from us. Schultz Air Compressors, absolute Vacuum Gauges, Stoddard silencers, Universal Silencers, Solberg filters, SMI filters, CSL Canisters, encapsulation vacuum pumps, and pharmaceutical vacuum pumps are in our product choices. Quincy, IL, HV04, HV07, after market filters, woodworking filters, woodworking vacuum pumps, dry vacuum pumps, and lubricated vanes can be supplied. Find dry vacuum screws, dry claws, German vacuum pumps, Torr Vacuum Gauges when you shop with us. We also stock Nilfisk & Nilfisk CFM-brand Vacuum cleaners.
We also stock food grade or food-grade lubricants and greases.